Pirates Prospect Interview: Alex Dickerson

Alex Dickerson

Pirates prospect Alex Dickerson hit .185 in April with only 2 homers at Double A Altoona. The OF/1B has turned things around and has raised his average up to .288. The former third round draft pick in 2011 out of Indiana has 12 home runs and 46 RBI in 88 games for the Curve. PiratesDugout.com's George Von Benko caught up with Dickerson.

GVB – You had some health issues in spring training, and then the concussion, but obviously that has cleared up.

AD – I started off a little sore and had a little bit of a back lock up, but I got it under control and then the collision and the concussion. I'm fine.

GVB – Were you pleased with your numbers last season?

AD – Overall how I ended up, if you take a look back at it I was pleased with the year. Through out it I just kind of battled and I never really felt like I was having a great year by any means. I thought I could do a lot better, but when you take a look back at it, it was not a bad year.

GVB – A slow start this season, what changed to get you going?

AD – I knew there was going to be struggles, this is the biggest jump talent wise. My swing was feeling great, you have to deal with the weather and going back to the cold weather at the beginning and you have just outstanding pitching every single day. There's guys that we faced already that are in the big leagues and it was just like all at once the ball hit me right in the face and I was getting killed for about two months here. It took a little longer than I expected, but recently it just clicked. I slowed everything down and you just got to keep fighting. The season is so long that you will get a chance to get your average and everything where it needs to be. That's why it's called an average.

GVB – Tell me about your defense and your progress there?

AD – I've come a long way there. I started to actually feel comfortable at first base last season and feel like I can make the routine play routine and even make great plays now and then.

GVB – You played a lot of first base, but primarily the outfield this year, happy with the defense this season?

AD – Yeah, it's actually funny, I came into this year thinking that I was going to be playing first base and I haven't played one game there. I've been back in the outfield, but defense you just work on it everyday and you can always get better at it. Nobody is perfect out there and the more I play the harder I work and the better I feel.

GVB – Are you still doing work at first base?

AD – I haven't in a very long time, but it's something that in the future I have the option of going out in the outfield or first base. I just kind of do what they tell me there.

GVB – What are some aspects of your game that you are working on?

AD – Hitting for me is just a constant approach of what can I do to hit the ball hard and where I need to get to and when to shorten up. The game allows me to make my adjustments and so as soon as I start getting beat, I've got to find a way to get the bat on it at the next level and the more I move up, the more I'm going to have to adjust quicker.

GVB – What has been the biggest surprise for you coming from college baseball into professional baseball?

AD – It's playing every single day as opposed to maybe at most five games in a week. It is a huge difference in just that constant and making the day just a routine. It's not like you are getting up for every game, life or death situation. You've got to find a way to be able to just play through and play your day and wake up the next day and do it again. It's just that everyday atmosphere. – Are you happy with the way you are progressing through the Pirates minor league system?

AD – Absolutely, it's been about what I expected and I'm just trying to work hard every day to see where it takes me.

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