Q&A with Jason Bay

Q&A with Jason Bay

<b> GVB-- </b> Jason spring training is winding down and you have been sidelined with a wrist injury how is that coming along?

JB-- Good, we're just giving it a little time. It's more my hand squeezing stuff that is the issue right now - the wrist is okay and it being a bone bruise there is not really much you can do for it and you've just got to let it subside to the point where I can let it hurt for a little bit, but get to a point where it is manageable and we're getting there.

GVB-- Realistically how much time will you need to be ready for the season?

JB-- I would definitely need at least a week and right now we have a couple of weeks to play with plus I do have the luxury of going over to the minor league side and getting seven, eight, nine at bats in a short amount of time if need be. I think that with the time we have and the options I have it will be fine.

GVB-- You had a fine season last year and won the National League Rookie of the Year award does that put any pressure on you coming into this season?

JB-- Not really, I obviously dealt with it a little bit last year and I'd only been in the big leagues for a month with the Pirates and people were talking saying that I was a big part of the team and when I came back I put a little pressure on myself because of that and I struggled at the beginning and I learned to deal with it. Now that I have a year under my belt and I know how to deal with a little bit of that pressure that will alleviate it this year.

GVB-- Lloyd McClendon is excited by the young players on this team does he have reason to be optimistic?

JB-- I think so - if you look at it just from a fan's point of view same thing as from a players point of view - we're out there and we like to see the same faces come back over and over obviously and that fans want to see that too and the can get excited about people. You come in and see the same faces in the lockeroom and obviously we didn't win a championship, but we kind of grew a little bit and as long as we can keep these guys around I think your going to see a difference.

GVB-- Everyone seems to feel the strength of this team is the pitching staff. Do you concur?

JB-- Last year and if you look at our record and how we did we're not going to win too many games 16 to 15 - we are more of a 5 to 4 type team a lower scoring type game. We go as are pitching goes. Last year when we went on that tear our pitching was going six or seven innings easy and keeping us in all those games and I think as far as they go we'll go.

GVB-- A quick peek at the division - where to do you see the Pirates fitting into that picture?

JB-- Obviously the Astros lost a big guy and the Cardinals lost quite a few key pieces. As far as the division goes there is not that much we can do - we play those teams 20 times a year and if we go out and we play our game and we were in all those games and last year they were maybe a piece or two better than us and that showed when we would get close and just couldn't quite hold on or get over that hump. The way were going and building and not really losing anybody and keeping some guys around is going to make a difference.

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