Ronny Paulino Q&A

Ronny Paulino Q&A

Ronny Paulino has settled in as the Pirates number one catcher. The Pirates took a 4.48 ERA into Tuesday's play. When Paulino is behind the plate, the figure drops a full run to 3.49. On top of everything he brings to the club defensively, Paulino entered Tuesday's game leading all NL rookies with a .320 average. George Von Benko sat down for a one on one with the Bucs rookie catcher.

GVB --Since your call up you've been penciled into the lineup on a regular basis, that has to make you feel real good.

RP-- Since I got here I've been playing a lot and that does make me feel good because I had the chance to show that I can play.

GVB-- You've had an effect on the pitching staff, you know a lot of these guys and you came up through the minors with them. You've really clicked with the staff.

RP-- Pretty much the starting pitchers like you said we came from the minor leagues together, and I know how they like to work and before we go out there we talk and we have a plan that we've got to do in the game.

GVB-- You spend almost as much time with pitching coach Jim Colborn as the pitchers do.

RP-- When you have a new staff and you've never worked with those people, you get together with [Colborn] and talk and make sure we're on the same page. He's been here in this league for a while. This is my first year. He knows more hitters than I do.

GVB-- You've been hitting real well, obviously you're comfortable at the plate.

RP-- I feel comfortable. I don't think much when I'm up there. I try to just see the ball and hit the ball.

GVB-- What do you consider your strengths?

RP-- When it's a tight situation later in the game, I don't get nervous. I treat it like any other situation. Recommended Stories

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