Bautista Looks for Improvement

Bautista Looks for Improvement

Jose Bautista finished the season with a .235 batting average and despite slumping to .207 after the All-Star break, he showed promising power with 16 home runs and 51 RBI. George Von Benko had a Q&A with Bautista at the end of the season.

GVB-- Are you pleased with this season and what you accomplished?

JB-- I wouldn't say I'm pleased - I would say I did some good things and there's a lot of other things I need to work on, but at least it's a building block for next year - so I'm looking forward to it.

GVB-- What are some of the things that you need to work on?

JB-- I'm definitely going to try to work on my two strike approach and trying to be more consistent with men on and men in scoring position. I think that's the two main categories that I'm going to try to work on.

GVB-- You flashed some good power at times and then you struggled at times, but in the last part of the season you flashed that power again. Do you feel good about the little surge at the end of the season?

JB-- Yeah, it definitely feels good to pick it up a little bit and end on a more positive note because like you said the last two months for me haven't been much fun. It feels good to be able to contribute.

GVB-- You got a great deal of playing time - that has to be a positive.

JB-- It was good being in the lineup as often as I was. I would like to be in there everyday, but I also know that they've got a lot of pieces to move around and we're young and we're all trying to get playing time. It's difficult when you are trying to develop a lot of young guys in the big leagues. My versatility helped me out a lot of times. It worked out for me.

GVB-- Is the versatility a good thing or would you rather play one position all the time?

JB-- Of course I'd rather play one position and hopefully that's going to be the case next year.

GVB-- Are you going to play winter ball?

JB-- Yeah, I'm going to play winter ball for two months and work on those things I mentioned earlier and try to get better for next year.

GVB-- The way the team played in the second half of the season are you encouraged about next year?

JB-- Yeah, I think everybody is - everybody's encouraged. The management and probably the manager are probably going to go out and probably get some pieces that are going to help us and hopefully that will translate into more wins in the first half next year because I think we've got a pretty good building block here with our young core and we've shown that we can win a lot of games. Hopefully we can do it next year. Recommended Stories

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