Sharpless Struggling

Josh Sharpless

Pirates' young right-handed reliever Josh Sharpless has been anything but sharp since being recalled from Triple A Indianapolis on May 27. Entering action on Friday Sharpless has a 21.60 ERA in three appearances.'s George Von Benko spoke with Sharpless recently.

GVB-- Josh throwing first pitch strikes and command of your fastball are keys to you being effective.

JS-- That was probably the big reason why I got sent down in the first place and that was the hardest part for me to deal with because you know their telling you that that this is the reason why you're getting sent down and then when you throw a first pitch fastball for a ball - then you're like oh crap - now I'm screwed. That was always playing on my mind. I've tried to stop worrying about that and just pitch.

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