This is one of the most important days in B-Mets history. Three of their starting pitchers have been traded. Scott Kazmir and Matt Peterson the top two pitching prospects in the Mets system along with Jose Diaz a hard throwing but often wild right hander have all been moved."/>

They Didn't See It Coming

They Didn't See It Coming

<b>"Free preview of premium content from NYFansOnly.Com"</b><br><br>This is one of the most important days in B-Mets history. Three of their starting pitchers have been traded. Scott Kazmir and Matt Peterson the top two pitching prospects in the Mets system along with Jose Diaz a hard throwing but often wild right hander have all been moved.

Justin Huber and Ty Wiggington, both former B-Mets have also been traded. In return the Mets acquire Victor Zambrano of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Kris Benson of the Pittsburgh Pirates. They will also get a AAA pitcher from the D-Rays and a AA infielder named Jeff Keppinger from the Pirates. Huber was traded to the Royals who then shipped right handed pitcher Jose Bautista to the Pirates. Zambrano is 9-7 with a 4.43 ERA. He has 96 walks in 128 innings pitched.

Like everybody else in the majors the Mets are looking for pitching and with Randy Johnson off their radar screen the Mets have turned their attention to the next biggest pitchers on the market. Benson has a 2.57 ERA at Shea stadium and an ERA under 2.60 against the Phillies, Marlins, and Braves. This clearly makes him very attractive. Peterson has a world of potential and is without a doubt one of the top prospects in the Mets farm system. He is 6-4 this year and his 3.27 ERA is good for seventh in the league. His command has greatly improved over the course of the year and he now has a 2:1 K:BB ratio. Though the Mets are currently 6 games out of first place and though they have three teams in front of them, and though they told their fans that the future of the organization would be its young pitching it appears the Mets are going to make a run at the division and hope that the present back end of their new rotation is worth the future front end of it.

I had just recently talked to Scott Kazmir and he seemed confident that he would not be traded. After all, less than month ago Fred Wilpon, the Mets owner declared Kazmir "untouchable". Peterson, as recently as last week, was also thought to be untouchable.

Peterson has just come off the disabled list and is scheduled to make his next start on Sunday. During the hours before Friday's game at NYSEG Stadium, Peterson was in the sauna and hung out by himself in the locker room. Although he says, the trade rumors don't bother him, it is clear that Peterson was more than a little preoccupied. He showered and sat alone at his locker and then while he was "taking a soak" in the trainer's office I talked to Peterson about the possibility of being traded.

NYF: When do you come off the DL?
MP: I think I'm off today. I'm going to start on Sunday.

NYF: How you feeling?
MP: I'm feeling real good. I'm ready to go.

NYF: How much do you know about the trade possibility?
MP: Nothing so far. They don't tell me anything. I hear the rumors same as everyone else.

NYF: What are your thoughts on this trade proposal?
MP: The ball club has got to do what they got to do. I understand that they are going to try and help themselves anyway they can. I don't really have thoughts on any trade proposals. I like playing here and all I worry about is how I'm going to pitch on Sunday.

NYF: If you did end up with Pittsburgh your chances of going to the big leagues obviously improve. They have a lot of young talent in the majors. Does that make the deal a little more enticing?
MP: Everything has positives and negatives to it. Obviously I want to pitch in the big leagues.

NYF: But with the Pirates you have a real good shot of being a September call up.
MP: I think I got a real good shot right now even if I stay here so I don't know how much being on another team makes a difference. If I end up with Altoona I'll try and help them win a ring and if get called up to the Pirates that's great too but right now I'm a Met and I want to help my team win.

NYF: Talk about some of the things you would miss if you were to be traded.
MP: I'd miss all the players I grew up with. This is the only organization I've ever known and I got a lot of friends here. These are all great guys and I'd miss all of them. I've come up with them.

NYF: Are you going to be able to sleep tonight knowing that it could be your last in Binghamton?
MP: Yeah, it's completely out of my hands. I can't worry about it because there is nothing I can do about it.

NYF: Once the deadline has passed will you feel a sense of relief?
MP: I think everybody feels better when they are secure. But like I said I'm not too worried right now so I don't think it will make a big difference

Personally, I cannot understand these trades at all. Kazmir, Peterson, and Huber could have been the future of the Mets organization. Kazmir is a hard throwing lefty and could one day be the ace of a staff. He had pitched great in his first three starts at AA. Zambrano walks just about every batter he faces and doesn't throw nearly as hard as either Diaz or Kazmir. In fact, Zambrano is only slightly better than Diaz in the potential department. Kazmir and Peterson were the 1-2 punch that could have taken the place of Glavine and Leiter and Huber was two years away (at most) from being an impact player. It seems not long ago that teams were offering All-Stars for Kazmir. Names like Sorianno were rejected because the Mets were developing the future. Apparently the future is now and now is Victor Zambrano. This is one of those days where Mets fans have to scratch their heads. Recommended Stories

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